Back to the Roots

Written by Alessandro Piu, expert surfer and traveler, and shot by Gianluca Fortunato, cameramen and director of the photography. Back to the Roots is a journey around the beautiful Island of Sardinia, visiting the incredible places of this land and discovering the great values of its culture. Surfing is the key, a tramit that lets this great adventure begin. The Sardinia Island is the protagonist of the documentary. A land that still preserves its own culture characterized by a strong respect for its deep roots. An Island with its beauty and its waves that you did not expect to find right in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. A land full of breathtaking and unspoiled landscapes that with its strategic position for the maritime excanges in the past and with its ancestors has got an important role in the old history.
With Alessandro Piu, Federico Nesti and Alessandro Ponzanelli.

SALA A from 5.00 pm