The Home of the Good Times

In 2013, the wood structures in the skatepark in Cantù (CO) were beginning to deteriorate and not usable anymore. The reconstruction would have been very costly and the local skateboarders desired a skatepark in concrete… What happened in these 5 years? THE HOME OF GOOD TIMES is a mini documentary that tells the story of the 5 years (2013-2018) of reconstructing the skatepark in Cantù, re-designed and brought to life by La Boheme ASD, from the writings of Share Skateboarding magazine, from The Beer Corner Cantù and the local skateboarders of Cantù and Brianza. The production was practically fully financed independently by volunteers. 420 tons of material was moved and shaped, 144 tons of concrete, 481 mq of the structure created by hand and 5 years of hard work. This is Boheme DIY Park.

SALA A from 5.15 pm