Ye Olde Destruction

Y.O.D. by Thomas Campbell seeks to capture a lifelong love affair with skateboarding — but also specifically skateboarding in 2018 — as it exists right here and now on 16mm film.
Presented at Skate and Surf Film Festival the self-funded — Y.O.D. or Ye Olde Destruction will feature some of skateboarding’s most legendary riders and most creative artists/photographers—all caught through the distinguished lens (and lenses) of some of skateboarding’s most prolific filmmakers. The concept itself is rather simple; two groups of skaters hit the road—each split into a respective car. Along the way, they are unleashed on a selection of spots—mostly DIY or skating the cars themselves. With the film’s climax arriving when both crews/cars meet up for a grand demolition derby finale. Content to set the stage and light the fuse on all fronts, Campbell is just now discovering the scope of his love and the nature of its latest mutations.

Live music accompaniment by Sergej Vutuc
Photos of the project Brian Gaberman and Jai Tanju, Arto Saari, French Fred, and Anthony Acosta and Thomas himself shot all the pictures.

SALA A from 9.30 pm